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Invalid Data [Tax Code by Usage - Usage][line: 1] [Message 80401-9]

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Hello friends,

I'm trying to change a Tax Code Determination, but this error is not allowing my change.

I found another discussion about a similar error, but without reply.

Anybody knows how can I to solve this? Or how can I get around this?

To know:

In the TCD3 table has about 7824 records

In the TCD2 table has about 6200 records

SAP doesn't have Tax Code Inactive

SAP doesn't have Customer Group Inactive

SAP doesn't have Branch Inactive

The Transaction Notification is cleared.

Version SAP 9.1 PL13


Best Regards

Marcos Taira

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The error usually refers to in valid values in the line specified. Please check first line in Key Fields Values window.

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Hi Gaurav, I check the all records from TCD1,TCD2,TCD3 and TCD5.

I forget to inform in this post. So, one record is unlinked in TCD5 to OUSG. An usage is deleted from OUSG but this record from TCD5 not did deleted.

I found one SAP Note and this to inform that in SAP 9.0 PL10 can be deleted an usage without to alert that exists one link to TCD5. In the demo base I used the command to DELETE this record in SQL Management Studio and the Determination Tax Code did updated.

Thank you.

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