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Intracompany STO Issue.

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Hello All,

I am facing an unique problem during creation of Intracompany Stock Transport Order.

I am maintained all the settings for the stock Transport Order.

Created an Internal customer # 38 for the Plant BLOR with the sales area of the supp. Plant CFLL,CF,10

Assigned the same customer in the MM for Shipping Data by Plant.

But problem is dring creation of the STO PO system is taking the Sales area CPLB,CP,40

CFLL plant is doing intercomapny process with the CPLB and CPLB,CP,40 is assinged with the CFLL plant.

Please suggest me why system is tkaing the data of the CPLB,CP,40.



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Please provide some inputs..

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STO Process for 0091 to 0031 [Manu. to Depot.]

Supply Receiving

Plant 0091 0031

St.loc 0011 1700

Shi.point 3010 7030

Mat 50312

Vendor PQRS


/ME21n [ZSTK] 5500006600

/MB1b 4901622135

/J1IS 0000004717 ( FI :700063513)

/MIGO 5000324360

/J1IG Uploaded


Cust 1234

Pricing Procedure ZDEPO5 0920/10/20/ F/1

/VA01 103208

/VL01n 80239018

/J1IJ 9370000002 [OBD Ref] RG22D

/VF01 94485199 [OBD Ref]


/OLME Supplying Plant NOTE: Put Customer number ABCD with sales Area.

/OLME Reveing Plant NOTE: Put Only Sales Area

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Check your settings with tcode SM30 for view V_001W_IV (in the IMG for PO/STO).

I hope this helps you



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As I described my problem is not like that.

I have maintaied the necessary setting in the PO/STO.

Problem is taking a diffrent Sales area during the PO creation in Shipping data.

The Supp. Plant CFLL is an Inter company company of the CPLB. and for that sales area of the CPLB is maintined in the CFLL.

Now When I ma doing Intra company STO system is taking the Sales area of the CPLB inspite of CFLL.

Please suggest.