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Internal Creation and Settelement of Asset

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Dear All,

Let me know the Steps / Procedure of Internal Creation of an Asset and Settlement of the Asset. i created Internal Order and AUC but am unable to settlement of the Asset. example if possible.

Thanks in Advance.

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Here please clarify your going to settle assets or investment orders.

We have two methods for the settlements

If your going to settle assets for one method

If your going to settle internal order for investment other method.

If you go for first method follow below steps.

1 Define settlement profile under Tc OAAZ

2 Creation of capital work in progress asset masters TC AS01

3 Machinery purchase invoice posting TC F-90

4 Fright payment against main asset Tc f-02

5 Settle capital work in progress to assets TC AIAB.

second method purpose you can read investment management. There is also settlement rule in SAP.


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in the order, go via the menu: goto - settlement rule

add a rule with category FXA

reciever: your asset

%: 100

settlement type: FUL

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KO01 - Create Internal Order

FB60 / PO - MIGO - MIRO - Specify this IO while posting Invoice. (IO automatically creates an AUC in background).

KOB1 - Check Line items.

KO88 - Settle the IO to Internal Order .KO88 - Automatic is the option....try this in test mode first

KO88 - If everything looks fine, execute it in real mode

Now AUC to FA - You have 2 ways to settle the AUC to FA

1. KO02 - Menubar - Extras - Create Complete Asset. - Fill all the necessary details or

2. AS01 - Create Asset

KO02 - Settlement Profile

Category - FXA

Asset Number

% Percentage - 100

Settlement - FUL


Now the option is Full Settlement

Test mode in first and try in Real mode

Let me know if you still have any queries