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Intercompany stk transport order process - Billing type determination

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Dear All,

We are currently dealing one Roll-Out project for one multinational company. In that from sales side, one of the main processes defined is u201CStock Transport Purchase Order processu201D. As a regular process, outbound delivery document also created with ref to STPO.

As per the client requirement the u201CPackaging materialu201D needs to be added as additional line item in the delivery to calculate the packaging cost. We have customized that also and now u201CPackaging materialu201D is adding as a new line item in the delivery document as a non valuated material.

But the issue is, the Billing type u201CZICu201D is not getting determined while creation of billing if u201CPackaging materialu201D is added as a new line item. If u201CPackaging materialu201D is not added as a line item then, billing type is getting determined automatically without any issue.

We have checked in LIKP table, its containing the billing type as u201CZICu2019. But if packaging material is added then, the billing type determination is not happening.

We are assuming that some customizing needs to be done from MM/SD point of view. I am seeking the experts help regarding this issue to solve the problem.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Mani,

As per your thread I came to know that when you create billing document for material with out packing material the billing type u201CZICu201D is getting determined but when you do the billing along with packing material as item the billing type u201CZICu201D is not getting determined, so please check in these area.

1.Please go to the delivery item category of the packing matterial then check the settings with compare to the material itemcategory.

2.Go to VTFL transaction check the copy control settings between packing material itemcategroy and billing type ZIC with compare to the normal material item category.

I hope this will help you,



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