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intercompany sales

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hi all,

In intercompany sales, suppose the ordering company code is 1000 delivering company code is 2000. then 1000 invoices the customer and then intercompany invoice is to be created.

Then my question is

-wrt which document the ordering company creates the customer invoice? if it is delivery document created by 2000, then how 1000 has access to delivery document created by 2000?

-2000 will invoice 1000 by intercompany invoice which will be created wrt cust invoice. then how does 2000 has access to cust. invoice created by 1000?

and if this 'access' is thru SAP, what copy cotl settings are needed?( i know all basic configuration of intercompany sales. the doubt is this 'access' part)

hope u get me right n mispell my confusion. thx

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Prashant,

Intercompany sales, Ordering company (1000) creates the customer invoice, wrt to Sales Order Created. (Not with delivery because there is no delivery at all as there is no stock movement in Ordering Company). The billing type here is F2.

Again the delivering Company (2000) will raise Intercompany invoice (IV) to the Ordering Company (1000) wrt to its delivery. The Intercompany price (either PI01 OR PI02 ) which is maintained inthe sales order will come here. We will asign delivering plant of 2000 company in the Sales Order.

For all these connectivity we do intercompany billing configaration,

IMG -> SD -> BILLING -> INTERCOMPANY BILLING, here will do all the configurationpart sothat the Delivering Company (2000) will consider Ordering Company (1000) as its customer to raise intecompnay invoice (IV).

Hope this gives you some idea




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Dear AK n Mr Praveen,

Thx vry vry much 4 your explanations n targetting the heart of my problem. had it been possible, i wud hv given u 100 points each. but cant do it.

Now part of company 1000 is pretty clear to me.

But praveen, as u said - '' delivering Company (2000) will raise Intercompany invoice (IV) to the Ordering Company (1000) wrt to its delivery": this delivery document wud have been created for the end customer. Then how come, intercompany invoice is raised wrt this delivery?

wud u explain the role n the document cycle that copmny 2000 will go thru? forget 1000. Or the intercompany pric. pro. n conditions used in it wud give me complete idea. does it include other pricing conditions or only pi01/pi02?

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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dear prashanth mane,

i'm having the same doubts in mind... can u plz throw me some light on that. i know the configuration part of intercompany sales process.



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If your customizing is correct (copy control) you can execute VF01 for the delivery twice, the fist time the customer invoice will be created, the second time you willl create the inetco invoice. Ofcourse you can also do this through the billing due list.

regards, Jan

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The end customer of the Sales area 1 under Company Code 1 raises a PO to purchase the material.

Sales area 1 raised the sales order to sell the material in reference to above PO.

But the PL 1 was unable to confirm the stock, so Sales area 1 raised the PO in order to procure the material from Sales area 2 in Company Code 2.

Sales area 2 raised the sales order and delivered the goods directly to the end customer of Sales area 1.

In order to receive the payment Sales area 2 raises an Inter company billing document IV in favor of Sales area 1, the amount is based on the understanding between the company codes the full payment/ (payment – profit).

In turn Sales area 1 raises a F2 to collect the payment from the end customer.

The payment is collected and based on the understanding between the company codes the full payment/ (payment – profit) is made to the Sales area 2 settling the IV.



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