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Intercompany Sales of services (between company codes in a system)

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Hi Experts

There are two company codes in SAP System and inter company sale or services exists.

In this context, CC1/PL01 raises a service PR and service RFQ on CC2.

Can CC2 refer the RFQ and create an sales inquiry?

Similarly, wherther the sales invoice of CC2 can be referred to carry out MIRO in CC1?

Any reference is possible in service entry?

Request Experts to sugget best practice.

warm regards


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hello, friend.

in my understanding, CC2 does not issue a sales order for inter-company transactions. only CC1 issues a sales order, and it is to the customer. if so, i would theorize that CC2 does not need to issue a sales inquiry.

in inter-company, i also think that CC1 does not need to issue a PR or PO, unlike in a third party transaction. in third party sales, the item category in default in TAS, which leads to a schedule line triggering a PR. in inter-company, TAN is used which should not result in a PR.

however, there could be self-defined settings in your system. if so, please let us know.

the only additional document created in SAP SD, is the inter-company billing.


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Thanks for your reply.

I am visualizing the scenario as a pure sale / purchase activity.

CC2 plant wants an external service. CC1 plant vendor is capabile so RFQ raised on vendor number of CC1plant.

Referring this, a sales inquiry to be recorded by CC1 plant.

I am just looking for documentary linkage since both business partners are existing in one system.

warm regards


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I think you are trying to link PO and Sales document like a document flow. As per my knowledge it is not possible to link

PO -> sales order

If u wants to reduce the work you can trigger the IDOC to create automatic inquiry document.

Through IDOC the system should create the inquiry document automatically once the PO is saved and have a separate document types for better controls

CC1 sales inquiry document will be created with below details

Customer number, list of material and quantity should be copied from PO made by CC2

Reply me if it helps



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It's indeed a very tricky question, but my question is why dont you want to settle it in FI module itself with an FI invoice issued to CC1 from CC2 after the service has been rendered? (I know this will not help in comparing prices with other vendors!)

If you insist sales inquiry does make sense, the only way I can think of right now is to treat CC1 as a customer and follow the normal sales process.


Chandra Kiran