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Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR) process reports

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I'm setting up Intercompany Reconciliation with New Ledger ECC6 and i wonder if there is any report giving track to what is automatically reconciliated by all 3 processes. Is anyone aware?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Alix,

There is no reporting for what has been assigned automatically. What exactly would you like to know? Some customers implemented the corresponding BADI methods to keep track of the following things:

o Who assigned items (manually/automatically)

o Which rule was used in automatic assignment to find a match

o How good is the match (e.g. rule is REFNR = REFNR; customer added an additional status field (assignment status) and set up icons to represent the quaility of the match: if amounts and currency match as well this is 100; if amounts match but currency is wrong, this is a 50 with a corresponding text, etc.)

In your BADI implementation you could also write a self-defined table with a history of automatic assignments if this is what you are looking for.

Hope this helps,


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it must be always Automatically Reconciliation in any solutions all Intercompany transactions " This is Cross-System"

● Start reconciliation run automatically (required)

● Check status of reconciliation run (optional)

● Perform manual reconciliation (required)

● Make adjustment postings (optional)


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prepare cross company code transaction in tc code obya after then create a gl master with iccf

co< > fi reconcilation posting in field status group after then define varient for real time integration next step assign vaarient for real time integration and then define account determination for real time integration

i think it will help to you,if it is wrong please message me

subbarao kav

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Hi, thank you for your quick answer.

I have checked my customizing points on real time integration objects, however I still don't know how can I list all documents I have reconciled through automatic intercompany reconciliation (tcode FBICA1/FBICA2/FBICA3).



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I have found T code GD13 that lists assigned documents according to the selected reconciliaton ledger.