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Intercompany invoice

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Hello Gurus,

What is inercompany invoice? I am very confusing , am not asking about inter company transaction that means payment made by one company instead of other company. for this we need OBYA configuration. upto this i know. Now my confusion is what is inter company invoice? for example while creating invoice in company code ABC if I enter in customer field XYZ company as customer. then it becomes intercompany invoice?pls clarify

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You had misunderstood.

Inter company document is not that one company is making payment on behalf of the other. However, you can also post an inter company document in case if one company is making payment for the other. You will set this in FBZP for F110 transaction.

Inter company invoice is also a similar kind of transaction like inter company document, when there is a sale or purchase between two company codes within an organization.



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Hello Ravi,

Thanks for ur quick reply.

If i posted in ABC company through FB60 Transaction code , in vendor filed by keeping XYZ comapany code which is in my same organization . then it is called intercompany invoice. am i right ? pls confirm

for this we need config in OBYA for these two company codes ABC and XYZ?

How the system undetstoods particular invoice is general invoice or intercompany invoice?Because if it is general invoice no work flow start , if it is intercomapny invoice work flow should start. so i need to understand how the system differentiates general invoice and intercompany invoice?

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If you are having more complex business process from MM and SD, then the note provided by Eduardo is meant for Inter company billing between two entities.

However, if you are looking just from the point of view of FI, then

Post an invoice with F-43, when posting in the second leg (second line of your document), give company code 2, then credit will be in first company code and the debit will be on second company code. You can ask the question, how the entry gets tallied, for the purpose of tallying the entry in each company code, the system refer the configuration from OBYA and get posted.

You can post the cross company code postings even between two controlling areas. The system does not prevent to post documents between two company codes in two controlling area. Need not necessarily they should be under one operating concern. Provided you have to make sure that you have followed the following points:

In OBY6 - To company codes must be assigned to same Company, meaning that you mus thave created a Company and that company must have been assigned to these two company codes.

OBYA - You should maintain the clearing accounts in both the company codes. Meaning that you are posting one leg in one company code and the other leg in the other company. Therefore, it is required to have the missing legs in each company code.

Company Code1 - Posting Key 40 - Clearing Account

Company Code1 - Posting Key 50 - Clearing Account

Company Code2 - Positng Key 40 - Clearing Account

Company Code2 - Posting Key 50 - Clearing Account

OB08 - In case if the two company codes have different local (company code) currencies, you may maintain the exchange rates.

You can now go to F-02 and post a cross company code transaction giving the first leg in first company code and the second leg in second company code. Missing leg in the first company code will be posted to the GL Account mentioned in OBYA and the missing leg in the second company code will be posted to the GL Account mentioned in OBYA. That means you will have four line items overall.

The system will post three document.

Document 1 in First Company Code

Document 2 in Second Company Code


Document3 - Cross Company Code Document.

The cross company code document consists of the first company code document number plus company code plus last two digits of the fiscal year.

Hope this must have clarified your doubts.

Please let me know in case if you need further details.