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Intercompany billing having 2 accounting document.s

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In my system, when i am releasing a billing document to FI, 2 accounting docs are getting generated with subsequent number. Also, 2 controlling document and 2 profit analysis docs.

Generally, 1 document is generated, when we release biiling doc to FI.

Here the biiling doc is inter-company billing.

Can anyone tell me, whether it is right for inter-company billing.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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No it is not right.It should be one accounting document only...

As far as intercompany is concerned go through the below explanation

Go through the explanation given below with test cases.

Business case: -

Customer orders goods to company code/Sales organization A (Eg.4211/4211).Sales org 4211 will accept and punch the order in the system with sold to party as end customer code in the system. Company code/sales org B (Eg.4436) will deliver the goods to end customer and raise an intercom any billing on 4211 with reference to delivery. This can happen only after 4211 raises invoice to his end customer to whom the material has been delivered by 4436.

SPRO Customization required:-

1. Assign plant of delivering company code (Eg.SI81) to sales org/distribution channel combination of ordering company code (Eg.4211/RT)

2. Maintain intercom any billing type as IV for sales document type OR

3. Assign Organizational Units By Plant (Eg.SI81/4211/RT/11)

4.Define Internal Customer Number By Sales Organization (Eg.4436 will create customer master for 4211 company code and that number will be maintained in this relationship:-4211/231)

5. Automatic posting to vendor account (Optional)

6. Maintain pricing procedure determination for 4211/RT/A/1/RVAA01-For customer sales and billing

Maintain pricing procedure determination for 4436/RT/A/1/ICAA01-For intercompony billing

Master data to be maintained:-

1. Create end customer master in company code/sales org 4211/RT/11

2. Create customer master for 4211 company code/sales org in 4436/RT/11

3. Maintain PR00 as price for end customer-Active in RVAA01

4. Maintain PI01 as price which has to be paid to 4436-Statistical in RVAA01

5. Maintain IV01 as inter-company Price-Active in ICAA01


1. Create OR with sold to party as end customer.

2. Plant to be selected is delivering plant belonging to different company code. With this selection system will treat this order as intercomany sales.

3. Pricing procedure is RVAA01

4. With reference to this order delivery will be created from the delivering plant and post the goods issue for this delivery.

5. Ordering sales org will create billing document F2 with reference to delivery for end customer.

6. Delivering sales org will create intercompany billing IV with reference to delivery document.

I hope this helps you.Reward points if solution is useful.


Amrish Purohit

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Hello Mr. Purohit,

Thanks for such a quick response.

Even I had the same idea.

Now to extend this more, how this billing doc is giving 2 a/c docs?

The billing doc is having 2 lines, and both are same material, a/c determination procedure is also same.

then how can it generate 2 accounting docs??

Please suggest.


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Hi Praveen,

To be honest I have heard of this situation for the first time

Need to dig into the system

I will try to find out the answer for this and update you.


Amrish Purohit

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In continuation to the same subject, the billing type-IV is having an output type-ZGTC, in which the *Multiple Issue* has been marked ticked.

Also, because of system becomes slow to update the document, whenever the user tick flagg-off button in the billing document twice, it is generating 2 a/c docs for the same billing doc. Otherwise it is generating once only.

My question is that "Can we stop any billing document to generate 2 accounting docs, by not ticking the multiple issue to the Z-output type, we are using???

Please take this issue as high priority.


Praveen Ghosh