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Intercompany Billing - Func.Area and Porfit center determination

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Hi team,

Current issue is related with IC Billing (IC Sales Orders) with missing Func.Area and Incorrect Profit center.

Standard IC Billing process and supplier invoice are done at aggregated level. They are not based on project dimensions. Hence, there is no project detail information in receiver side neither in sender side.

Depending on the specific companies combination the IC Sales orders are set up as a Master Data and are always using the same. In each IC Sales Order one and the same Profit center is set.

In Non IC Billings the system takes the Func.Area and Profit Center from the Standard Sales Order which is created by the system for every single Customer Project.

For IC billing in case of activity type Consulting or AMS the correct functional area is filled (somewhere seems to be the information that activity type consulting has functional area 100 = Consulting). You can advice where is it located in S4

The problem is for travel postings as these can appear in all kinds of LoBs (Consulting, AMS, MCS, ….) so the functional area is not filled in the IC billing.

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Dear customer,

I'd love to help here, however, your case falls into how-to query where we have limited resource to suggest.

What I could be able to suggest is we have multiple scope items in terms of intercompany billing.

For material selling, we have following scope items:

For service selling, please refer to:

Please check which scope item meets your requirement and during the process, whenever you have any problem or concerns, feel free to reach us with a case.