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inter company trasactions

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Hi all

can any one explain inter company posting .

we are maintaining 3 company codes like




but i don;t have idea how to map .

pls suggest me

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The way you set-up OBYA depends on how you intend to handle inter-company transactions.

1. If your intention is to create payable and receivable in both company codes which would now be settled when you carry out your normal pament run(F110), then the following are the config set-up you would have to make:

a). First create Company A as a Vendor(XK01) and a Customer(XD01) in company code B

b). Create Company B as a Vendor(XK01) and a Customer(XD01) in company code A.

c). Go to transaction code OBYA, when prompted for company code, type company code A into the first entry box and company code B into the second. Press enter.

d). In the first frame, "Debit Posting Key" should be "01" and "Account Debit" should be Company Code B Customer account number created in (b) above (assuming transaction is posted in A and cleared in B); "Credit Posting Key" should be "31" and "Account Credit" Company Code B Vendor account number created in (b) above.

Repeat the same thing for the second frame box, but this time around, use Customer a/c number and Vendor a/c number created in (a) above. Save your entries.

Your inter-company transactions via Account Payable/Receivable is ready for use.

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<b></b>Hi gvr .

your explanation is good , Please can you explain me bit more clear again ..

give me a some example scanario's.

Urgent pl.

Thanks & regards


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In Intercompany tranasaction we should treat sister companies as "Vendor"

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You could go for all permutations and combinations.

Map 1000 with all other Company Codes. which will be

1000 to 2000

1000 to 3000

Map 2000 with other Company Codes. As it is already being mapped with 1000:

2000 to 3000

3000 is already being mapped with the other tw0.



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Naveen Bathini

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Hi Supriya,

You need to do three mapping as follows:

1000 & 2000

1000 & 3000

2000 & 3000