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Inter Company Stock Transfer Order

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We have a requirment , where we will be transferring the stock between two companies. ie compnay code The companies belong to the same client. Can anyone give the process to be followed ie what is the firstr activity and so on.

I had tried to gather information from the previous forum views but could not understand it clearly.


Vengal Rao.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Follow Inter-company STO Process for this;

1.Create a vendor for the company code of receiving plant, using account group :0007 using T-Code XK01.

2. Assign this vendor to Delivering plant

Go to XK02 >Purchasing view>Extras>Add. Purchasing data>Plant

3. Create internal customer with the sales area of the vendor. Go To XD01

4. In Pricing procedure determination relevant to STO, assign document Pricing Procedure and customer pricing procedure appropriate for STO to get the pricing in the invoice.

5. Maintain condition records for the relevant pricing condition.

6. Some more setting for STO: Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > define shipping data for plants > Go to Receiving plant >assign customer here & Supplying SA (for billing) to Receiving plant here

7. Go to MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > define shipping data for plants > Go to Supplying plant and assign the sales area of receiving plant.

8. Go to MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > assign delivery Type & Checking rule

Assign the delivery type to document type. In this case, Delivery type NLCC is assigned to Document type NB

9. Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > Assign document Type, One step Procedure, Under delivery tolerance

Assign the document type NB to supplying plant and receiving plant

10. After all settings , Create the STO using T-Code:ME21N and maintain pricing conditions of freight and Save.

11. Create Delivery :VL10G

Click on the Background Button after selecting line item

A message is flashed : See log for information> next Click on Log for delivery creation Button >click on line item>click on document button to get Delivery document No

12. Picking, PGI:VL02N

13. Billing:VF01

Save the document and its done

14. J1IIN - Outgoing Excise Invoice

15. MIGO - Goods Receipt against outbound Delivery

16. J1IEX - Capture & Post Excise Invoice

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Thanks Pankaj for the quick answer. Your information totally solved my issue of looking into different areas for this issue.

Thanks once again.

Vengal Rao.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Refer following links for understanding and reference for intercompany stock transfer order related document:

- [Internal Procurement (Cross-Company Stock Transfer)|]

- [Inter-Company Stock Transfer|]

Kindly go through them, if you still have query, do share them.

Thanks & Regards


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Please check the below link

It will clearly explains the Process