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Inter company posting getting posted w/o selection in OBA7

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Hi All,

I been gone through all the basic process flow of Inter Company transaction postings, where as my case is Vice Versa is getting happend.


The Document Type WA- Goods issue not opted for "Inter Company Posting in OBA7" but still the Inter Company posting is getting happend.

i have tried this also by making an F-02 entry, its allowing to post inter company..

Note: OBYA & other inter company ste is been place...

Awaiting the quick response get rewarded.



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Hi Mansoor,

Can you please clarify what you are trying to do (or to avoid) ? By the way, the inter-company check box is not strictly required to perform cross company code posting as describe, it only ensure that multiple trading partners are allowed in a single document.

Best regards


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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your quick response.

Actual my requirment is doc type WA is not ticked intercompany postings.

If i post w.r.f to this doc type, its getting posting I.CO postings.

Ideally it should not happend (As you said IC check is not strict to perfom Cross Co postings)From where its affecting ??