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Integration of PP with PM

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Dear All,

We are working on ECC 5.0 . having PP and PM. Now when i create process order system need to check whether any Preventive maintenance order is scheduled for that resource(Equpiment) which is used in Recipe for that period.If such case is there system should not allow to release that process order.

plz. give me input ...



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This can be achieved like this:

1- PM order should include an operation in the task list that is creating capacity requirements for the WC for the duration of the maintenance.

2- PP order should have settings that it is doing capacity availability check when releasing, and if there's no available capacity the order will not be released.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Nitin,

It is possible in standard SAP by creating equipment for each work center or resource.

Maintain resource in location tab while creating equipment by IE01. Also you need to ensure system condition setting (Configuration part)at SPRO>Plant Maintenance and customer service>Maintenance and service orders>General Data>Create system conditions or operating conditions.

Also while creating maintenance order PM person should ensure the system condition option at operation in maintenance order. After this when user will create the production order for this work center system will show the message of work center unavailability.


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Dear All,

all arnwers are related with capacity planning. Advise me how to manage without capacity planning.


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Dear Nitin,

If there is any breakdown in any machine,a notification followed by a maintenance order can be created in SAP to record the

down time and this can be used for preparing the performance of any machine.

Check this link,

This is also one integration point between PP & PM.



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This document explains integration between PP module and Plant Maintenance (PM) module....

Overview: Integration between PP and PM modules happens during following scenarios...

A) During Capacity Planning for work centers

B) For tracking the usage value of PRT's

Process flow of integration during Capacity Planning for work centers:

When the production work center is overloaded with capacity, if we try to do capacity leveling and want to shift the capacity to other dates, where already some preventive maintenance activity is planned for the same work center ( equipment) during that period, then system will not allow to reschedule the production order to those days. PP Work center is Equipment in PM. In the concerned equipment's master data you can mention the PP work centers name. This links the PP work center and PM equipment.

Process flow...

Create work center :

in the capacities header tab maintain the data as per the requirement....

Now save the work center....

Create Routing : Create the routing for material and assign the work center for operation as shown in the below screen shots...

Now save the Routing..

Create BOM : Create the BOM for the material through CS01 for creation of Production orders...

this completes the master data from Production planning module side....

Create Equipment : Create equipment in Plant maintenance module through IE01 and assign the work center ( created in PP module ) in the location tab as shown below. and assign the planning plant as same the work center plant...

Save the equipment.....

Now create Preventive Maintenance order for the above equipment through IW31...

Now give the order start date as 26.05.2014 and end date as 30.05.2014 as shown below...

maintain system condition as not in operation as shown below....

Finally save the Preventive Maintenance order...

Now create production order for material 2570  through CO01...

Now give the start date as 22.05.2014 and end date as 27.05.2014 as shown below..and release the order and save the production order...

Now create one more production order for the same material with same start and end dates as shown below... this is for creating the capacity overload for the period....

then save the order...

Now check the capacity situation of the work center in the CM50 transaction...

above you can observe that there is a capacity overload on dates 23.05.2014, 26.05.2014 and as there is a overload we will try reschedule the one of the production order to other dates on the capacity planning table with function capacity leveling...

in the next selection screen give work center, plant, capacity category and Capacity planner grp

Now execute

Now take the second production order ( 60004673) and try dispatch it on the dates  28.05.2014 to 30.05.2014 where already preventive maintenance order is present which is shown in black color..

Now when you try to dispatch the second production order system will not allow you to do on the dates of preventive maintenance dates and it will rescheduled  (dispatched) to subsequent dates as shown below...

Now save the planning table and observe the change in dates in second production order..

Process flow of integration for tracking the usage value of PRT's :

Tracking of usage of a tool in production,  every time a tool is used there should be a count of that usage...This requires PP-PM integration. A production resource tool as equipment is created with the measuring points. The PRT will then be assigned to the operation that requires usage. During confirmation of the production order, the system will automatically record the usage as measuring documents. In this way, the count of the tool usage is monitored...

you can refer the thread


Ravi kulkarni

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Just an FYI to anyone who may find this thread, the above information is not entirely correct. By entering SATISH88 as the Main Work Center in the equipment, it will be defaulted at the operation work center on the PM03 order. As such, the resulting maintenance order will create a direct capacity requirement on that work center. You only need to maintain the production work center on the Location Tab, and the system indicator on the work order, as well as the relevant capacity settings in the work center.

If you click on the link "Integration between PP module and PM module" you'll see that it was removed for being incorrect.

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This can be achieved like after creating the Work Center and equipment you have to assign the work center to the euipement in IE01/IE02 under location tab then while creating the maintenance order for that particular equipment for particular period system will block the capacity of work center for that period of maintenance order also check the setting for PP order type .

hope it is clear to you


Anupam Sharma