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Integration Framework 2 - Installation Failed

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I am facing a problem during installation Integration Framework 2.
- SAP 9.3 PL14 SQL
- SQL server 2014

During the installation it ends with.
'Installation Failed. A rollback will be triggered because of the failure of creating database.
Database connection failed. User does not have permission to perform this action.'

Database user which I use to installation has rights to create new database and read/write SBO-COMMON.
Is possible find some documentation to get information what all needs such database user used for installation of Integration framework? Which permission and roles needs this database user? Seems to be, that without role SYSadmin will not be possible to install it.

Thank You

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Answers (1)

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you do not need any separate permissions,

are you sure you are using B1Admin?

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B1Admin - such user doesnt exist!
B1iadmin - is user for Integration Framework UI
B1i - is user for Integration Framework backend

Any of the above users doesn't have nothing to do with my problem. I am speaking about database user. My finding is, that database user which is used for Installation have to be with role 'Sysadmin'.