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Integration EA-PS with PS project systems

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Hi friends,

We are implementing in ECC 6.0 and we have a lot of questions in the intregration EA-PS with PS (project systems). We don't know the steps must be realized in the customizing for the correct integration .

In the old 4.6 version (ISPS) within funds managment spain menu there was a lot of posibilities but now, in 6.0 version these possibilities have disappeared.

We only only know the transaction FMDERIVER.

Can anyone help us in the steps and the critical points?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Carlos,

In ERP 6.0 the integration between PS system and EA-PS is more flexible than 4.6 release.

Basically you should decide how you want to manage the budget and the AVC. Based on these answers there are different options.

1.- To define the project budget in Project system and the budget of budget addresses in BCS. With this option you will have two different budgets without any relationship.

2.- or to use the Funded program element and to create the budget just in BCS (Budget address + funded program)

Some advantages related to second option:

- Just one budget in one side.

- You could create a cover pools per project (this functionality was not covered in the Spanish 4.6C release).

Related to AVC there are two options.

1.- To activate both AVC, one in PS system and another in BCS

2.- or to activate just one AVC in BCS

If you are going to use funded program element you should select the second option and you have to create a FMDERIVE rule in order to define the relationship between funded program and WBS element.

Best regards,


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Hi Rafa,

Thank you for the information, this has been very useful but we have some more questions. When you say that in the new version we have the possibiliy to do the projects with the BCS, do you know how Funded Program elements make the execution? We need every movements are shown in our project.

We have a little problem with the execution in projects with EA-PS. When we want to make a document type "A" (Funds Precommitment) imputed to a WBS, it doesn´t appear awkwarded. We think that this document type must be as same as a purchase requisition, do you know why the systems make this?

If yes, do you know how can we implemented?

Thank you for all.

Best regards,

Carlos Martín.