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Integration Between Travel Expense and HR Payroll (Feature TRVPA: L+G)

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Dear All,

As I know, if we want to integrate Travel Expense with HR Payroll, the integration switch (entry L+G) in feature TRVPA must be switched on.

There are a total five indicator in entry L+G.

May I know, usually which indicator is used?

Once we switch on the integration and create a travel expense, the amount of travel expense type will be transfered to wage type created in HR Payroll?

Or we still need to do something for this to work?


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Yes i think Check the subschema CREI once if you want to integrate PY roll and TRM we shd Add the sub Schema and Shoul write the Rule

this is just for your infor check it thru Tcode Pe01

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Thanks for you reply but I still have some quesitons:

1. What value should I put for the entre "L+G" in feature TRVPA?

2. Is it a MUST to configure the subschema CREI in order to have Travel Expense and HR Payroll integrated? However, subschema CREI is for Switzerland, is there any one for Malaysia?

3. After setting the feature TRVPA and configured the subschema, is there anything else needs to be configured in order for the integration works?

Thanks a lot!!

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Give the value LG to 0 and also PA3 to 0 but not activated LG.Activate L+G to 0 the accounting period no longer was integrated with payroll and you can settle the period in PR05.



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If we set "0" to entry L+G, means No Integration with Payroll?

Then how are we going to integrate with Payroll by setting "0" to entry L+G?

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Hi ,

1. Integration with payrl

2. Std. PCR and std sb schema.

3. creation expense WT for TRM. and Solutions for the above are .......

1. we can Integrate TRM with payrl thru Feature Called TRVPA and

the inputs shud b like - L+G = integration PayRoll,

-PA3 = Check PA03 and rest whatever u put in it but these two are mandatory and shud be like this.

2. Actually ther is no std PCR for it u have to create new one and the pcr shud b like below.

ZNTR Personnel Calculation Rule ZNEI


ADDWT * OT Output table

8000 Travelling Advance

AMT= 8000 Set

AMT- 8001 Subtraction

AMT- 8002 Subtraction

AMT- 8003 Subtraction

AMT- 8004 Subtraction

AMT- 8005 Subtraction

AMT- 8006 Subtraction

AMT- 8007 Subtraction

AMT- 8008 Subtraction

AMT- 8009 Subtraction

AMT- 8010 Subtraction

AMT- 8011 Subtraction

AMT- 8012 Subtraction

AMT- 8013 Subtraction

AMT- 8014 Subtraction

AMT- 8015 Subtraction

AMT?0 Comparison


ADDWT 1545 OT Output table


ADDWT 2510 OT Output table

and ther are some std schema's which u can use it for preparing the customisd one but ther is no std sb schema for India so u can any of the below one for reference...........

Country = USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, Norway, Portugal.

Schema = U000, D000, A000, J000, CH00, B000, N000, G000, M00E, F000, E000, K000, S000, V000, MX00, P000


among all the above i felt USA and Switzerland are best for copy which i reffered else u can use anyother also....

3. Actually there r no specific such std WT for the TRM ........

we need to copy the existing std WT like M215, M233, MDD0, /101, and /110, etc.... which i used for copy and

we can use others also..........



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Thanks to Mr Kumar, I'm trying your way to do it now.

However, I have one question:

After we settle the travel expense, will the wage type and its amount appear in the employee's infotypes through PA30?

Or it will ONLY be shown in the remuneration statement?

This is because I've tried several times before editing any schema and subschema, the wage type and its amount did not appear in the employee's infotype. The wage type belonged to infotype 0015 (Additional Payment).

Thanks a lot.

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Wage type and amount will appear in infotype.



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After switch on the integration between Travel Expense and HR Payroll, do I need to do Payroll Run before I can see the wage type and amount appear in the employee's infotype?

Will the wage type and its amount appear in the infotype once the travel expense is settled but before the payroll run?


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Dear Mr Udaya Kumar,

May I know how you make the amount appear in the employee's infotype?


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Dear Mr Potato

You will not have any expenses entered via the Expenses module appearing in Infotype 0015. They will be transferred to the payroll results once the expense is approved and settled, when the payroll is run using the subschema of your country version of ZREI, using the functin ASREI.

This will transfer all expenses to the wage types you have defined in travel customising, into the payroll results.

To answer your original question, when setting the parameter LG, you should always remember to set PA3 to the same value, so if LG=0 then so should PA3

The difference between L+G=1 or 2 is that is it is 1, the expenses will transfer to the payroll period the claim was settled, (normal setting) or if it is set to 2, it will transfer to the payroll period the claim finished in.

Hope this helps