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Integrating Standard Cost Estimate in Margin Analysis CO-PA using Report Painter (KE30)

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Hi Expert,

How to flow Standard Cost Estimate(Sale Order Cost Estimate) in CO-PA Margin Analysis by using report painter KE35 and KE31 T Code.

I have added a cost element in the report painter form that is assigned to the cost component structure but the cost does not flow, how is possible.

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Firstly check if the values are flowing in KE24

If COGS values are flowing in KE24, then it is an issue with the filters used in report painter.

If the values are not flowing to KE24, 

please refer the configuration explained in the below link by Abdullah Galal

Split the Cost of Goods Sold in SAP S/4HANA - COGS Splitting #learnsap (




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Thanks, It's a very helpful video. I require to see both the actual cost after the material ledger and the standard cost estimate in one KE30 Report. Let me know how is possible. My current configuration is mentioned Strategy Type, 5 Cost Component split from actual costing (ML) Check Mark on Split revalued consumption with actual cost component split