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Inspection without Variant configuration

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I am using REM production scenario for 2 materials without VC. Each material has same 5 characteristics and the specifications are different from each other. I have done to following:

1) Created the required Characteristics using (CT04)

2) Created one Batch Class(023) using (CL01)

3) Assigned the created characteristic to the Batch Class (CL01)

4) Assigned the batch class to material master in classification view. (MM01)

5) Created MIC with reference to above created Class characteristic (QS21)

6) Created inspection plan with MIC (QP01)

I am able to update the inspection results to batch master record.

My requirement is how to maintain the specifications in inspection plan for the 5 characteristics for both the materials without using VC.

Anybody can please help me.

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (3)

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Becasue you are using reference characteristics in your plan you cannot update them in the plan.

DO NOT unlock them and change them as is being suggested.

Your design is correct.

You can do one of two things here.

1) Create two classes and assign one material to one and the other material to the other.  Change the specs in the batch class to the spec ranges desired.  Maintain the material spec QS61.  This is very easy.  Just run the transaction and save it.

Other option:

2) keep just the one class.  Maintain the different specs in the classification view of each material.  Maintain the material spec as described above.

The specs should pass through and overwrite the specs in your inspection as long as you are using referenced characteristics.

In both cases above, in the class, you should make sure the field "additional values allowed" is checked on.

It is most definitely not recommended that you ever mainatin a spec directly in a MIC.


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1.For integration between inspection result and batch classification, the inspection characteristic should be reference characteristic.

And you can change specification in inspection characteristic only, not inspection plan.

2.You don't use variant configuration. You use just classification.

Regards, DoWook KIM.

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One thing you might have noticed while Creating MIC's( which are created with class char) ,you could not actually put the multiple values.for ranges you have quantitative char ,but there are constraints in multiple values.

If you are not using VC ,then you loose the benifit of using the "inspection by Config " in QM view of that inspection type.

Best approch in such case is to use the different inspection plans with different specifications and deal with both materials separetly.

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Hi Sujit,

Thanks for your reply.

Here I can't maintain  different inspection plans as I need to update the results to batch record.

Thanks & Regards