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Inspection Types 01 and 08 simultaneous usage

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How can Inspection types 01 and 08 be used simultaneously? I have maintained both in Material master. I am trying to do a Vendor returns through Quality Notification, however, am unable to move the same Inspection Lot to blocked stock and returns. The Action boxes in Notification for Usage Decision, Unrestricted to Blocked, Create Vendor returns are all inactive for Inspection Lot created at the time of GR. Can you please help clarify system behavior.

Scenario is, Inspection Lot should be created automatically upon GR.

If UD for the lot is Reject, Vendor returns should be processed through notification.

Problem - despite maintaining both inspection type, Action boxes for Usage Decision, Unrestricted to Blocked, Create Vendor returns are all inactive for Inspection Lot in Notification.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Sruthi,

Type : 01 - Goods Receipt Inspection during GR for the Purchase Order

    1. Create the Raw material, with QM view & inspection Type : 01 Active ( T code : MM01)
    2. Create the Inspection Plan with Usage: 5 & Status: 4 (T Code : QP01)
    3. Create the Purchase Order (T Code: ME21N) ( Assuming, there is no Release Strategy)
    4. GR for the Purchase Order & Stock will get updated in Quality Stock (T Code: MIGO)
    5. Inspection Lot is created automatically, in the background( Check IL the status : REL)
    6. Do the Results Recording (T Code : QA32)
    7. Perform UD & Stock posting & save (T Code : QA32)
    8. Check the Stock update (You can find the stock in UR) (T code : MMBE)
    Type : 08 - Stock Transfer Inspection ( Plant to Plant (or) Storage Location to Storage Location)

    1. Create the Material Master with QM View Active with 08 Inspection( T code : MM01)
    2. Create Inspection Plan with the Usage : 5 & Status : 4 ( T code : QP01)
    3. Create the Stock Transfer Posting using MIGO (Move Type : 301, for Plant to Plant)
    4. System will generate Inspection Lot with 08 inspection Type automatically
    5. Results Recording & Perform UD & Transfer Posting( T code : QA32)
    6. Check the Stock update MMBE

    If you are looking for the Inspection for the Customer Returns, then you need o activate the Inspection Type : 06

    1. Create the FERT Material with QM View Active with 06 Inspection
    2. Create the Inspection Plan with the Usage: 7 & Status : 4
    3. Create Sales Order (VA01, Order Type: OR)
    4. Create the Outbound Delivery (T Code: VAO2)
    5. Do the PGI for the Outbound Delivery (from VA02)
    6. Create the Return Sales Order (T code: VA01 & Order Type: RE)
    7. Create Return Delivery for the Sales Order T code: VA02
    8. System will generate inspection Lot, with the Inspection Type: 06

      Hope this is clear, kindly let me know your feedback, for any further assistance requiredThanks for the Quick feedback.
      Best Regards : Raja S Reddy

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    Thank you Rajasekhara, this is helpful information. I have assigned both Inspection Types 01 and 08 to the material in QM view. At the time of GR, an Inspection Lot is created. During defect recording for the Inspection Lot, a notification is created. Now, I want to process Vendor Returns for this Inspection Lot through the Action box in Notification. However, as the Lot was created for Inspection Type 01, the tasks for Create Return Delivery, Change Outbound delivery etc., are inactive in the Action Box. My question is I have also assigned Inspection Type 08 to the material, then why are these still inactive? Does it mean we cannot process Vendor Returns via Notification (create Return Delivery/Outbound delivery) for Inspection Lot created using Inspection Type 01?

    If the above scenario is not possible, is there anyway a Returns Delivery (with Outbound delivery) can be processed automatically in the background for Vendor Returns during UD for Lot created at the time of GR (Inspection Type 01)?

    Product and Topic Expert
    Product and Topic Expert
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    Hi Sruthi,
    Regret the Delay in reply.
    Simulated the above Return to Vendor through the Notification scenario with the below sequence of the steps

    1. Create the Purchase Order (T code : ME21N)
    2. Goods receipt for the Purchase Order ( T Code : MIGO)
    3. Inspection Lot is created automatically (With Inspection Type: 01) ( Ex : Inspection Lot : 3386)
    4. Do the Results Recording & UD ( Stock is posted to Blocked) ( T code : QA32)
    5. Reject the Goods & Record the Defects (By Recording the Defect Details)
    6. System will pop up the Notification Creation Screen( Notification : 439)( Fill the mandatory fields)
    7. In Change Mode of Above Notification, from Action Box >>> Create Return Delivery ( T Code : QM02)
    8. Check the Status in Stocks & Requirements List (Return Delivery is Created) ( Ex : 80018340) ( T Code : MD04)
    9. Go to the Change Mode of the Delivery >>> Pick the Return Qty >>> Perform the PGI
    10. Goods Issue to the Return Delivery (Return to Vendor)
    11. Stock will get reduced. & System will automatically create the New Purchase Order.

    Please find the attached document flow, in the corresponding Notification

    Please check , in Change mode of the Notification, to get activated the Action Box Items( T Code : QM02)

    Hope, this is of some useful info. Kindly check & let me know your feedback/comments
    Many Thanks for the kind feedback.. Best Regards : Raja

    Product and Topic Expert
    Product and Topic Expert
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    Hi Sruthi,

    Please take a look of the below steps mentioned, for the Process of Returns to Vendor from the Quality Notification, for the incoming Goods Received through the Purchase Order. It seems, in your case, you might have not gone for the Change ,mode of the Notification, to get enabled the Action Box Items.
    Kindly revert back with your feedback/comments. Many Thanks & Regards : Raja

    Product and Topic Expert
    Product and Topic Expert
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    Hi Sruthi,

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.
    Many Thanks for your kind feedback/comments on the solution proposed for the reported issue.

    Thanks & Best Regards : Raja

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    Hi Sekhar,

    Is it possible to differentiate between PO GR vs STO GR? We are using S4HANA and both PO GR and STO GR will be done using 101 movement type. But we want to differentiate the inspection types between these (PO GR should use 01 type and STO GR should use 08 type). Is it possible through std config. If so, can you guide me through the steps?