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Inspection plans and Material Masters best practice

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Which one is the best practice to have:

1. 1:1 - Relation between Inspection Plans and Material Masters, I mean 1 inspection plan for each Material Master


2. 1:Many - Relation between Inspection Plans and Material Master, I mean 1 inspection plan could be linked to several Material Masters

Thank you,


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I don't think there is any straight answer. If you have materials which are inspected in the same way then you can have 1:N relationship. In this case if you have a change in the inspection plan you only need to change it once.

I would says that you need to answer the following questions:

  • are the materials inspected in the same way 
  • are the materials similar to each other (in terms of material type and procurement type)
  • are the same people/departments responsible for master data maintenance for these materials
  • how often do you update the inspection plan
  • are there any regulatory constraints (change number requirements, GxP, etc.)

Best regards, Matjaž.

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Thank you Matjaž for the input. Tx