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Inspection Lot details not Copied to Notification

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Hi Gurus,

While performing results recording, if I'm creating notification with inspection lot as reference, system is not populating the details like inspection lot no, material document number etc. Recently service pack updation was done.

Could anybody please let me know, what might be the reason and how it can be fixed ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I haven't run into that.  I am assuming you have created notifications prior to the service pack?

Hopefully you have confirmed you have the same issue in all your systems, like any development or quality systems and you can recreate the issue in all systems the service pack has been applied.

I would first read all the service pack notes to see what the QM implications could be if any.

I would probably then search SAP OSS using the service pack number.

I would then first check to see if there could be any user exits in play that maybe don't work right anymore because of the service pack change.  Remove them in a test or sandbox system and see if the issue still occurs without the user exits, i.e. standard SAP.

If possible, I'd go back and check out a system without the service pack upgrade and confirm they work there.

If you haven't found the issue after that.. than I'd put in a message to OSS and have them look at it.


PS> While we should do this for most discussion questions, for something like this especially, it might help people if you provide the version of SAP you are running and what service pack you are running and which ones were just applied.  If you had provided that, someone could probably tell you they are running that version with those service packs applied and they are having/not having issues.

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