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Inspect first lot of batch and Skip remaining lots

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Hi Gurus,

Our client has following business scenario:

1) Repetitive manufacturing is used.

2) Inspection type 04 is activated in material master.

3) Multiple GR ( mvmt type 131) will be done for plan order.

Business Requirement:

1) For first GR an inspection lot should be created for batch and inspection should be active.

2) From 2nd GR onwards for all the remaining GR of batch, lots should be skipped.

3) No. of SKIP's are not fixed for a batch.

4) Once new batch is created, the first lot of new batch should be inspected and remaining lots for the batch should be skipped.

Can above requirement be fulfilled using DMR? If yes how?

Not clear how with DMR we can recognise first lot of each batch to activate inspection and  to SKIP remaining lots of batch.

Is there any other way to map this requirement?



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Answers (4)

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It depends on the batch numbering logic you use in the business. If you are maintaining a different batch number for each GR then you got to use DMR but you also need to define the intervals to fix the skipping criteria.

If you maintain the common batch number for a order and it doesn't change with each GR then you can go for X or 2 options given in the screenshot by Dipesh.


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Hi Amit,

I am too not very sure if DMR functionality could really be exercised for your business case, specially when you do not wish to create any new lots (2nd lot onwards) for testing purpose. I sum up this requirement in the below way -

Let me assume

1. Quality Level Change is active after UD.

2. DMR is active at MIC level. (Dynamic Modification level in routing = 3)

3. The initial stage of DMR Rule is Non-SKIP, and 2nd stage is SKIP (Skip indicator active in QDR3)

a) Inspection lot creation - Order(PlOrd)/Batch/Sloc = X or Material/Batch/Sloc = 2

I believe, if this is the only setup, then after 1st GR, one inspection lot is created. Form 2nd GR onwards (till this inspection lot is not UD made) 'Actual stock quantity' will be added up for total stock, and 'inspection lot Qty' still remains same. Now, if this is the case, that means, system is not creating any new inspection lots, for your subsequent GR. So whatever is your DMR, there may not be any new SKIP inspection possible, then the already created one.

You need to test, if your MIC's system status at 2nd GR is being changed form "1" to "4" or not with SKIP level. If so, then it will mean Q-level has impacted the 1st inspection lot too, and you can't record result for it again. You could have similar impact on DMR with initial status flagged as "SKIP" too. Now, if this assumption is correct, then what is the utility of using Inspection type itself?

In case if 2nd GR has not changed the existing inspection lot MIC system status form "1" to "4", then this is a good scenario, and you can use it. Eventually, that will mean, there is no new inspection lots which are SKIP at MIC, so you are anyways not going to record results form 2nd GR onwards. No there is no meaning for using DMR/Q-level.

b) If you use Control InspLot = 1, then you get subsequent inspection lots created after GR, where MIC's are having SKIP status based on data maintenance for DMR. So far So Good. Now, till UD is done for the 1st inspection lot, if next GR is created, it will not get the SKIP status for the MIC's for 2nd inspection lot, and you have to record results for it. Thus, this is not going to work for your business, as you are expecting everything SKIP from 2nd time onwards. May be you can try using Initial stage for DMR as SKIP only, and if this is the case, then form the 1st inspection lot onwards, you will have no MIC for result recording. So I am not sure again, what is the use of inspection type here.

May be someone in this forum with very good Quality level experience may help me to understand your issue and correct my understanding!!



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The necessary setting stated by Dipesh could be used.But you need to understand on using this setting inspection lot is created on doing first GR.But for the subsequent GR's quantity of the GR gets added to the inspection lot if the UD is not done.Once the UD has been done of the created inspection lot than the stock of the GR done directly moves to unrestricted.

Please let us know if this fulfils your requirement.



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Hi Amit,

You can use "Inspection lot control for inspection type" see the below screen shot. you can use any of the option to achieve your requirement.

Please let me know, if you need any further info on this.


Dipeshkumar Bhavsar