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Insert a new column into a pre-defined layout (list format) of FBL3N

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I need to insert a new column into a pre-defined layout (list format) of FBL3N. When I select Change Layout button the column (field BSEG-LIFNR - vendor) doesn't appears there.

Anybody knows how to insert this column at Change Layout dialog box.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi, Sandro.

In table BSEG, Vendor Number (BSEG-LIFNR) is only stored in the Vendor Line Item, not in the G/L Line Item. FBL3N cannot display the Vendor data, since it selects only the G/L Line Items.

In addition, It is standard design that FS10N only displays vendor number for documents with document type WE. For Goods Receipt documents, line items will populate with Vendor LIFNR, but for Invoice Receipts only the vendor line item would populate LIFNR, the G/L lines for IR documents do not populate LIFNR.

I could provide your a workaround to get the value:

First, you need to add LIFNR as special field for FBL3N.

After that you need to use the Open FI Exit 1650 to fill the fields. You will find a function group FI_ITEMS from transaction SE80. In this function group you will find a function module FI_ITEMS_DISPLAY where the form ITEMS_DISPLAY_INIT includes the exits 1610 to 1650. The important one for your problem is 1650 (OPEN_FI_PERFORM_00001650_E).

This exit is used if you want to display fields in e.g. FBL3N which do not exist in the tables BSIS/BSAS and also not in the G/L Line in BSEG.

Through this user exit it should be possible to get the value from the relevant tables e.g. from the vendor items from BSEG or the value from BSIK into structure RFPOSXEXT if there is a relation between the relevant tables e.g. BSEG/BSIK to RFPOSX/BSIS.

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