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Inquiry Regarding Note 2469139 Resolve findings of core ERP PP-MRP S/4and Its Impact on S4 Migration

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We are currently working on the migration to S4, specifically addressing inconsistencies related to MRP through the readiness check. Concurrently, we have a request from our client to activate the planning area, which requires the creation of two planning areas that include several warehouses.

Upon reviewing note 2469139, we encountered a concern regarding the verification ID MRP_AREA_CUSTOMIZING_007, which states the following:

"Try not to combine different storage locations into one MRP planning area."


This recommendation is particularly concerning since our client's request involves including multiple storage locations in a single planning area. We would like to understand how this setup might impact the S4 migration, given that we are assigning multiple warehouses to a single planning area.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your guidance on how to proceed without compromising the integrity of the migration process.

Best regards,

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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SAP S/4HANA supports two or more storage locations belonging to the same MRP Area.

During the migration, however, you need to run the conversion report that will convert all storage locations planned separately or excluded from MRP into an MRP Area assignment. This conversion might fail if two of those storage locations are assigned to the same MRP Area, and that is why SAP recommends to avoid having two storage locations belonging to the same MRP Area during the migration. 

If you want to have two storage locations in the same MRP Area, you need to test the conversion report very carefully, to make sure you won't have problems during the migration.