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Initial stage in Accoutn determination in implementation?

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Can some explain me , what will be the first step in account determination as MM consultant in implementation??

After 4 steps in account determination , like valuation group,assignment with material type , account catory reernce and valuation class.

We wil move to OBYC - configura automatic postings.

First step what i have to do ??

Because here integration will start with FI consultant , who do this OBYC ???



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Step 1 will be defining valuation level. Normally it will be plant.

Then Valuation grouping code - How many plants are going to use same set of GL account.

Then Chart of accounts - Defined by FI guys

Then List of valuation classess for material

Then if you have any customized movement types, you need to have new accounts modifier.

Then OBYC settings will be done by FI and MM guy together with after finalizing business requirement . You need to finalize the list of accounts which needs to be triggered during goods movement.



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Whos is the responsible person to create the Posting key , Procedure and rules ??

Or these things are standard setting ??

Can u breif me about this with any one goods movemnt as example ??


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Hi MM group,

for posting keys and rules FI person is responsible.

But in case of OBYC activitis valuation class,valuation grouping code and account grouping is done by MM peronnel.

FI person will suggest you G/L account.



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