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Initial Entry of Stock

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Hi Sapers

In doing the Migo for initial entry of the stock via 561, do we have to do material master of all those material first and then Migo and if we do then how come the migo does not have material number column for the same only the material short text.I need expert elaboration and details on this topic please.Thanks in advance for sparing valuable time

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Hi Ahmed,

To Receive /To Enter Initial Stock Entry through MIGO transaction code:

Yes, first you must have a Material master record in the SAP system (material master is required data). you can do thru MM01 (all materials should be there in the production system in SAP)


you do the GR using MIGO to receive Initial stock balances into SAP system

for that

Do the Goods Receipt (R10 -Others) with movement type: 561,

Enter all the mandatory inputs like Document date &Posting date (in Header data)

and Plant, Storage Location, and Quantity (in Item data) & Flag Item OK button and

Check /Press(F5) document for correct inputs once, and then Post the GR....

with a document (a number is allocated automatically from 49 series by the system) GR is created..

And if you want you can see the Stock Overview (by pressing the Stock overview push button in GR Item data of GR Display in MIGO) then press Execute..

In GR Item Data : in Where Tab ---> Stock Overview push button press it,

you can see the Stock. ( in Plant /Storage location)

and subsequently Material and Accounting documents are created automatically..

to See that,

Select the last line with Cursor in the stock overview and goto Environment (Menu option) or Press Shift+F7 then you can see the Material document.

and Press CtrlShiftF11 or Red &blue color push button for Accounting document. ( where you will see the account posting for the goods receipt)

Hope, it clarifies your query,

reward if it solves,



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