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Inhouse Repair

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I have created a service order from repair order.I found that the product cant be repaired and should be scrapped.So i made an entry in the repair order and scrapped the product.But when i technically complete the service order,system is putting the usage decision as product is repaired.

Is it the standard way?So when ever you confirm the service order , servicebale material goes with a business decision as repaired.So the same material gets a repaired as well as scrap status.

Logically its incorrect..right?or am i doing a mistake while doing scrap?i added one more repair item and manually scrapped it?is it the way to scrap or any other way?

Can anyone help me in this.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ebin,

I am working on in-house repair order for the first time. Can you please tell me why do we need to create a service order from the in-house repair order ?

Cant we use the actions to add repair and service parts in the in-house repair order straightaway?

Also, can we bill the repair order in ECC just the way we do for service orders ?

Thanks in advance



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You should follow your own scarrping process,since repair order is created and you are creating a service order it is understood it is repaired or exchanged etc.

But if you have a different scrapping process after repair order you should directly scrap it w/o creating a service order.