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Inherit and Pass on Warranty

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1) How the inherit warranty is different from pass on warranty..??? can u pls explain me with example...

2) when the inherit warranty and pass on warranty indicator should be ticked..????


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In SAP PM (Plant Maintenance), there are functionalities to handle the inheritance and pass on of warranties for equipment. Here's an explanation of how these processes work:

1. Inheriting Warranty:

- When you create a new equipment master record, you have the option to inherit warranty information from its higher-level equipment or functional location.

- If the higher-level equipment or functional location has a warranty assigned, you can choose to automatically copy that warranty to the new equipment.

- By inheriting the warranty, the warranty start and end dates, warranty type, and other relevant warranty information will be copied to the new equipment.

2. Passing on Warranty:

- Sometimes, equipment may be replaced or upgraded, and you need to transfer the remaining warranty from the old equipment to the new one.

- To pass on the warranty, you can perform the following steps:

a. Create a new equipment master record for the replacement equipment.

b. In the old equipment's master record, go to the Warranty tab and mark the warranty as "Transferred."

c. Enter the reference equipment number of the new equipment to which the warranty is being passed on.

d. Save the changes.

- By performing these steps, the warranty of the old equipment will be marked as transferred, and the new equipment will inherit the remaining warranty period and relevant warranty details.

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It is not working in our SAP ERP ECC system. I maintain warranty start and end date in functional location (FLOC) 1. However the subordinate FLOC 1-010 is not inheriting the data.