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I'm new to Hr programming. I have a requirement to print a report by getting data from below infotypes.




Can some one suggest me how to proceed. I have idea of getting data using 'Get PERNR' and RP provide from last etc....

but I'm not sure how to match PA0015,PA0027 and HRP1018.

PA0015 & PA0027 has PERNR.. but HRP1018 don't have PERNR. Also I read in one of the forum that we need to use "Select statement" to get the data from HRP1018. Also do we need to get data from any other infotypes like PA0001 to accomplish the task?

Can someone suggest me the steps to get the data from these infotypes.


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Answers (4)

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Hi lal,

I think u need to proceed as follows:




*Retrieves data for all Personnel nos.


*This is to check the org. assignment of the pernr

Use HR_READ_INFOTYPE or RP_PROVIDE_FROM_LAST to read the infotype 1018 data for the object org. unit of record PA0001.

Then you can proceed with other infotypes 15,27 with an inner join.

Hope this helps.




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write a inner join to the two PA infotypes(15 & 27) and put it into a IT, then write a select on hrp1018 equating the objid of hrp1018 to the pernr fetched from the two infotypes... put all the data into an final IT. then dispaly the report.

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OBJID will not match PERNR. OBJID will either be Position (P0001-PLANS) or JOB (P0001-STELL).

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What is your actual reqt? I have a feeling you might be looking at the wrong tables.. do you need the Cost Distribution for the 0015 record? in that case, you should be looking at the ASSHR & ASSOB tables instead of HRP1018..


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Hai Suresh,

Can u help what would be the use of ASSHR & ASSOB tables,Actvally for what purpose we use this tables

Thanks in advance.

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HRP1018 is Org and it is a whole different world than PA. HRP1018 is Cost Distribution. Depending on how your system is set up you will either have Cost Dist on the Job or on the Position. To find these codes you will need to read PA0001 to get the codes that were in affect at the time. It is probably best to use a Select to read this db