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Infotypes for HR Master data.

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What are the Infotypes contained HR MASTER DATA.

and what is HR DATA STRUCTURE. (I think MASTER DATA, TRANSACTIONAL DATA and RESULT DATA). is it correct. if yes

Where we will use Master data Transactional data and result data?

i 'm thinking MASTER DATA means PA, TM, PP . if it is not correct please correct me.

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Hi Vamsi,

The HR data structure consists of

1) <b>Key for HR Master Data</b>: It containes the data delimitations, personnel number, lock indicator, subtype etc.

2) <b>HR Master Record: Control Field</b>: These are reserved fields, and various texts.

3) <b>HR Master Record: Infotype NNNN</b>: This is where is the information is stored for the particular infotype.

The above 3 includes are present in all the infotypes. Hope it makes things a bit more clear.



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