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infotype 19

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I want to assign a date in infotype 19 and reminder date 2 weeks earlier. How will it notify about the task. Will there be a pop up window or an email . I have never used 19 infotype so dont know how it works.

Could anybody explain that to me.


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Spro : Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Evaluation Basis -> Monitoring of Tasks -> Determine task type.

For the task type you create lead/follow-up time should be 2, unit should be weeks and operator should be -.

When you create an entry in IT0019, the reminder date automatically becomes 2 weeks earlier of the task date.

The reminder issue needs to be solved with an ABAP program.

What we did was to make an ABAP program written that takes the list of all tasks the reminder date of which is the current date. Then we connect this program to a job (running at 0 o'clock each night) and it sends e-mail to the HR specialist all this task list every day.



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Hi Sagarika,

For the reminder mail:

1. First create tasks and assign the same in IT0019.

2. Then create a mail text.

3. If the mail has to be sent to the IT administrators stored in IT0001 or to anyone else, then ask the abaper to create a program, which will run each day, check the tast type and trigger the mail accordingly.

4. The mails will be stored in SBWP of the respective user, else the abaper can also write in a code where in the mails can be sent to any email id stored in IT0105.

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try Dynamic action as said by our guru

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Hi.. for the email part, you need to have the workflow configured. Please speak to a workflow, ABAP consultant. For defaulting the notification or reminder date please try the dynamic action.