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Infotype 0025 - Potential

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Hi all,

I'm actually working on appraisal system and i would like to display a scale for qualification in potential screen (Infotype 0025). For exemple : "English potential : very good".

Could someone say me if it's possible in IT 0025 ?

I see that it's possible by using relation B038 "has potential for" between Q and P objects in tstc PP01.

Release 4.7



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Constant,

in the profile view - access via infotype 24 (not 25?) it is possible to assign potentials. However, as you correctly point out there is no view here of a potential proficiency level.

It would have to be a custom development to do this - as although the additional details for proficiency data are set up for relationship 038 the standard profile view does not show/maintain this.

If you look in the IMG

Personnel Management -> Personnel Development -> functions -> define profile view

you should find some details there. You will need to copy/recreate the logic used in function group RHPP.

Good luck,


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Hi Chris,

Yesterday, I did what you say in your mail . In a first step, I have modify the name of program in table T77...(sorry, I forget the name of this table).

In tsct SE80, I copy the function group RHPP in ZRHPP. I copy program SAPLRHPP in SAPL<b>Z</b>RHPP. I add two fields in screen number 2200 (potentials) one field for proficiency level and one field for proficiency text. So i don't change anything in program SAPL<b>Z</b>RHPP which call 3 standard functions for create/write/delete potentials in Hrp1001 with relationship 038.

Thank you for your help


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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<b>first</b> :you must Editing Scales:


IMG Menu:Personnel Management->Personnel Development->Master Data->Edit Scales

Transaction Code:SPRO

for example:

ID Scale ID Proficiency

4 point marks (1-5) 1 Poor

2 Adequate

3 Average

4 Good

5 Very good

5 point scale (1-3) 1 Average

2 Good

3 Very Good

<b>second</b>:Editing Qualification Catalog


The structure and maintenance of a qualification catalog consist of qualification groups, proficiencies, and qualifications.

Structure qualifications to persons (users).


The integration with the service order is established by the search and assignment of suitable persons based on their qualifications.


Defined qualifications are combined into qualification groups.


1. Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:

IMG Menu:Personnel Management->Personnel Development->Master Data-> Edit Qualifications Catalog

Transaction Code:SPRO

Catalogs created: Catalog 01.01.1900 - 31.12.9999 01 Current plan

Object Type Object Name

QK Service Provider

QK 1. Consulting

Q 1.1 Project Management

Q 1.2 Consulting Management

Q 1.3 Consulting Accounting

Q 1.4 Consulting Logistics

Q 1.5 Consulting HR

QK 2. Technical Service

Q 2.1 Knowledge of mechanics

Q 2.2 Knowledge of electronics

Q 2.3 Knowledge of constructions

Hope this would be help.


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Did you try to maintain 'Proficiency Description' for Qualification?

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Yes, I have maintain 'Proficiency Description' for Qualification' before.

It's now possible to create an english qualification whith scales between 1 to 5 in IT0025.

But my problem, i can't create a "potential" (in potentials screen of IT0025) with the scale associated.

I want to say "Potential => English => Level 4 " Very Good".