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Infoset Query Not updated - SQ01, SQ02 - Error Difference in Query and Infoset

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Dear All

I edited Infoset via SQ02 (in development) and moved it to Quality. I am not able to view the changes made. Moreover when I go to SQ01, It generates error "Difference between Query and Infoset Continue Processing"?

I am using PNPCE logical database. This pertains to HR.

I have made T Codes specific to queries in SQ01, I am able to view all the columns as per requirements in Development but not in quality.

The main problem in see is 1. Mentioned above ... Difference between query and infoset 2. Infoset is not updated in SQ02.

I have tried all options of Adjust, Generate Program etc. Nothing seems to be working.

Please guide.

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You need to adjust the infoset according to the Query.

Go to SQ02. Infoset > More Functions > Adjust.

Just allow everything.

Try this