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Information on Integrated Communication Interface & EIC

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Hi All,

I am looking for the following information:

1.How to implement Employee Interaction Center and what are the prerequisites for it.

2.How do we implement Integrated Communication Interface and whether its a freeware or we need to purchase it.

3.What are the various other functionalists that we get along with ICI.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Umang,

I am working on an EIC project that is about to go live. Here are some insights:

1. Are you looking to use CRM EIC or HCM EIC (they are different - one comes with CRM, the other with ECC 6.0 HCM) so, depending on your requirements one (or both) of these systems is necessary

2. It is important to understand BOTH the requirements of the business, as well as, the technical capabilities (and limitations) of EIC. EIC has a certain way of working that may or may not be in line with the expectations of the business (especially when it comes to support groups, and manager / team organization).

3. The ICI interface is simply an interface for managing multichannel communications within the interaction center (in this case EIC). You will need to purchase (or build) the software for your contact center vendor that implements the ICI specification. There are a number of companies that develop this "adapter" that will work with the major communication vendors such as Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Nortel, etc. I can give you some recommendations if you wish. Once you have an ICI conforming software implemented, there are some configuration settings in SPRO, and some other transactions (such as SM59) to associate the connection with your EIC profile.

4. If you implement the ICI interface, you will get:

a. For telephony, screen pop capabilities (based on ANI or caller entered data from IVR/switch prompting), call control capabilities from the toolbar (such as hold/retrieve), transfer with contact/employee data (call attached data), and depending on the vendor, you may also get some level of manager information/stats. You will also get the ability to dial calls from the screen, and have call duration data available in SAP

b. For email, you get the ability to treat e-mails like phone calls, where they are "pushed" to the agent, (this is the major difference between ICI email and the standard SAPConnect email, which uses a "pull" mechanism

c. This is really a simplification, but you get the idea

I hope this helps!



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Expanding on Greg's first point there are two deployment options that SAP offers and there is a good whitepaper at

I am biased as I have completed 3 full lifecycle ERP EIC implementations

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