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Information needed for updating database

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I am curious to know why background job is not updating in ALL screen mode, and why some times when warning messages come the records wont get updated and some times get updated and is BDC prefferable or function modules to update data bases?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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ALL screen was configured to have user interaction, but in fore ground you can have user interaction. in background you have to run a job and wait for the final outcome. warning messages means some data is still required for that records wont get updated but if you get any information message record gets updated.

BDC or FUNCTION MODULE usage in program depends on client requirements.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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All screen mode is meant to update the transactions in

foreground. User intervention is needed for this.

So if U Run the program with CALL TRANSACTION

in background mode it will not recognize it. This might be the reason for not updating the data.

Also all warning messages are not ignored by the system.

Some just need some more Info.

We might not get FMs for all the Transactions we want to

update. But FM's are preferred to update the data.

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Hi Samuel,

BDC is old school.. You must try to use BAPIs / Function Modules.. This way we need not worry about any screen changes that SAP might make from time to time.. I have also noticed that for PD Infotype updates an explicit COMMIT to database is required.. even COMMIT WORK will not help.. You have to use the function module 'RH_UPDATE_DATABASE' right after the BDC.


Suresh Datti