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Information about pending results recording in CO11N

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Dear Friends,

We are using SAP 4.7. In this we are using 03 inspection lot for inprocess inspection. At present my user have come up with a requirement which is as mentioned below.

1) While posting qty in CO11N, if the inspeciton results for characters are not recorded, then system should stop the confirmation.

I checked for this functionality and found that this is available in parameters for order confirmation.

But the requirement from user is different. i..e, to take the print out of the characters that are to be checked in each operation, the MIC is defined in each operation, but actual results entry will not be done in each operation but only at the finish operation. Due to this configuration change, system expects results entry in each operation.

I also changed the control indicators in the respection MIC as "No results recording" but the problem doesn't get solved. I believe that system proposes the results entry by checking the presence of MIC in the routing.

How to achieve my requirement.

Experts help expected.



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Answers (2)

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Dear Ganesh,

Thank you for your input. I will try the same and get back in case of any clarification.



Sorry Gajesh don't read it as Ganesh

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Dear Magesh

Using the standard functionality of configuration of parameters of operation confirmation will not serve the purpose. As I have understood you i think you need the system to allow CO11N for all other operation except the final operation.

If this is the requirement i think this can be accomplished only through user exit. Remove the configuration of parameters of operation confirmation .Make use of this user exit CONFPP05.

When the last operation is getting confirmed through C011N then check whether results have been entered in all operation. if yes allow CO11N to confirm otherwise give an error message

Please let me know if you have any issues