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Inforecord Archive

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Hi All,

I am trying to archive some inforecords , for that i am using MM_EINA archiving object in ME17. The job starts and gets cancelled immediately.The job log shows the following logs,

Job started

Step 001 started (program RM06IW70, variant Z_EINA_ARC_01, user ID ABAP)

Reading purchasing info record

Archiving session 000034 is being created

1 of 1 purchasing info records processed

Operating system message: No such file or directory

Internal session terminated with a runtime error (see ST22)

Job cancelled

I am unable to find out how the operation system message: No such file or directory error is issued, pls let me know if any technical setting are missing. Appreciate If anyone can let me know the step by step procedure for archiving inforecords.

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello ,

Please check whether info record which you want to archieve is already marked for deletion.



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The inforecord is already marked for deletion. I believe without marking for deletion archive object will not work.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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you have to customize a proper file and logical path to tell SAP to where it shall write the archived data.

The file name or logical path you provided is not valid.

This customizing can either be done with transaction FILE, or directly from ME17 by clicking the customizing button followed by executing the step filename/paths client independend

it has to be a directory in the SAP file system, directly to your local C drive is not possible.

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Create Archive File: Info Record:

a) Select Action: Archive and enter a new Variant, for example: Z_EINA_ARCH_ 01, press 'Maintain'

b) On selection screen enter the data range (Vendor, Material, etc.) you want to archive.

c) Deselect the 'Test' flag if you don't want to test first.

d) Press green back-arrow and enter the description of this new variantt on the screen which follows.

e) Save the variant which brings you again to the selection screen. Press green back arrow again.

f) To start archiving process (batch-job), press the 'Start Date' button and select the time when you want to start this process. Select 'Immediate' for instant processing and press the 'Save' button on the bottom of the Start Time' window.

g) Select the 'Spool Parameter' button and save entries. Eventually enter a valid printer to have the result outputted.

h) You are ready now to start the process. Press the 'Start' button and monitor the success with the 'Job Overview' button You can also go the 'fast path' by using transaction SE38, program RM06IW30 to archive info records. For large data archiving, use the background jobs and run those during off-peak times. If you run the program on line, you will see a confirmation on the status bar telling 'New Archive file created:.... ' Delete Archived Records: Info Record

a) Follow the menu path: Tools - Administration - Administration - Archiving

b) Select the Object Name MM_EINA for info records

c) Select the menu button 'Delete'

d) Select the menu button: 'Archive Selection'

e) Click the archive created in previous step

f) Select Start Date for process and Spool Parameters for output

g) Submit selection.

h) Check status by pressing the Job Overview button