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Info record

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I have created an info record automatically through PO.

Now when I am doing ME12 & ME13 the net price in PIR is 0.00

Pl guide why its so?



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But when I am doing ME13 it should show the price in Info record for that vendor material combination.



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This is the Standard functionality of SAP.

if it is created in the Back ground then the Net price will be Zero in Info record.

In ME1P/ME1L u can see the Price variance.



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Let me explain why the price will not be shown in ME13:

Info record is a master data. This means that the data in Info record should always be constant unless we manually change any data. If the data keeps changing regularly (based on our last PO), then it does not serve the purpose of Master data.

Whenever you create a PO, the last PO price is proposed. If you maintain a price in the Info record, then the system would propose only the price in Info record and not the last PO price. This would negate the use of Info record.

However, you can always see the Order price history in ME1P.

Hope this clarifies.