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Info record not picking into consignment p.o

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When ever i try to create a P.O for consignment (item cat:k,with consignment info record already maintained ), the info record is not picking up into the P.O.

What could be the problem and solution?


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First Pre requistic is to check whether did you activate consignment prices via info records in SPRO?

If you were not activated,

Go to SPRO-Materials Management ->? General settings for MM -> Activate consignment prices via info records (T.code OMEV).

Here activate the consignment info records prices.


Maintain Info record or condition record using t.code MEK1 ( condition type PB00) maintain tax category and make sure that info category as Consignment.

While create PO with item category as K- consignment ( Price not picked from info records) - consignment PO is a non valuated type PO.

Once you will simulate the process of either 201K -direct consumption or 411K -Transfer the consignment stock into unrestricted use stock only material has valuated based on the info record mainatined price.

While simulate PO against 101K - No Accounting document generated


Consumption A/C: DR,

Consignment(Liability Account ) Payable: CR,

411K -Transfer the consignment stock into unrescticted use stock

BSX) Stock A/c - Dr

(KON) Consignment Liabilities - Cr

MRKO-Consignment Settlement

Consignment (Liability Account )Payable: DR,

Vendor Account A/C: CR



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Hi Reddy,

Check whether your std purchasing org is assigned to your valuation type(Plant). for further clarification refer the following

OSS note 114300

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Dear Reddy,

Check the Purch Orgn. you have entered at header. It should be same as in Inforecord (with standard Purch Org)

Umakanth R

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When you create a Consignment PO You canot enter price in PO. The price is picked up from Info Rec.

The significance of Item Catagory K - consignment is when you create a PO with Item Cat "K". the price column becomes gray.

When you do the settlement through MRKO , IR price comes in action.

After MRKO,the following accounts updated:

Payable Consignment A/c: Dr

Vendor A/c: Cr


After goods Issue, the following accounts updated:

Consumption of raw material A/c: Dr

Payable Consignment A/c: Cr

But after GR , no account documents created.

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you question not clear

in consignment process while creating the po system taking the price from info record. info record is must.

but, you can;t create the po with ref info records. once you create the po system update the infor records details in po line item.


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There is no pricing conditions tab for Consignment PO this is SAP standard.

The price from info record is picked automatically during 411 K (or any other issue movement from Consignment stock -> own stock/ consumption)