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Info Record Flagged for deletion

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Dear Friends,

I am not sure if should raise this question in MM or PS area as error message is related to MM and occurring into PS area.

Issue Description In my company (building construction) we create Project/Network which would have hundreds of activities. Each network activity will have some component (materials). At component it contains info like Material number, Purchase Org, Vendor, Info record etc. Under clean up process info record is flagged for deletion because we donu2019t buy the component from that vendor any more then procurement dept flag that info record and create a new info record with the new vendor.

If we try to update any data through either CJ20N or CN22 it gives error message u201CInfo record flagged for deletionu201D , message number is CN 766 and it doesnu2019t allow to save the project or network as this message is set with category u201CErroru201D. This is quite annoying for the business users.

Requirement I want to know about u201CHow to make this error message informationalu201D??

My effort to find the solution  I tried to use transaction OBA5, OBMSG through which we can change the configuration so that message will be only informational, but the issue is that I couldnu2019t find the application area CN with Message number 766.

It would be a great help if any one of you could suggest me a possible solution for this issue.



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Answers (2)

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Purpose of deletion flag is not to control which vendor is a valid source of supply in relation to one material. It is in connection with archiving process....

In info record (ME12 --> "Purch. Org. Data 1.") you can set "Available from" (EINA-LIFAB) and "Available to" (EINA-LIFBI) in "Supply Option" section. Message 06681 belongs to it which can be controlled in:

SPRO > Materials Management > Purchasing > Environment Data > Define Attributes of System Messages

Please consider this option...(you can also use source list (ME01) but it is too strict control in my opinion)

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Go to ME12 enter the inforecord number,plant,purchase organization...enter...go to Extras from menu bar at the select Deletion the corresponding screen uncheck the ticks against Complete inforecord / it...then process through CJ20N

Alternatively check out with your ABAP person to check Function module CO_ZF_MAT_INFORECORD_READ where in line 149 this message is kept as error check whether you can make it to warning