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Info on ESS for HCM Ehp5

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I've been asked to add the ESS package for our HCM system, release ERP 605 latest stack (Abap only).

In older releases to use the ESS I remember was required a J2EE instance were to deploy the ESS packages.

Somewhere over the network I read that starting from EHP5  the webdympro architecture is changed and the J2EE instance could not be required anymore.

BUt it's not clear for me if it's mandatory to setup a separate Abap instance or I could use the Abap instance of the HCM system itself.

Any advise on this issue ? Which is better ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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you could use NWBC instead of Portal

Read the SAP note 1450179 which talks about the approaches

NWBC is cheaper and doenst require portal installtion, there are many proc and cons of NWBC

right now, all applications are not yet converted in EHP5, but in ehp6 all are available in abap WD, so if you upgrade to EHP6 then you ll have all ABAP WD applications and no need of portal then

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thanks for the feedback

But EHP6 is not released yet and will be available in May-June right ?

In any case as the go-live  is quite closer (we are starting from scratch) I don't think we are going to upgrade immediately to EHP6 as soon it become available, and we are going to go live with the actual EHP5.

Please a confirmation:

for the scenario 1 described in the note you indicated as I understood is enought to activate the businnes function on my hcm Abap system and to make available the NWBC client to the users ?

This will cover all the functionalities of the ESS ?

best regards

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Benefits Enrollment is still in WebDynpro Java with EHP5 & is converted to WDA with EHP6.

Record Working Time UI although available in WDA with EHP5 has been re-vamped in EHp6.

Good Luck,


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Product and Topic Expert
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No, it wont, as i said EHP6 completes, for some functionality you would need portal ie benefits etc

Services available in Employee self-service (WDA) is listed here:

Please feel free to look into the documentation above.

For your convinience I listed some details here:
Some of the WD JAVA applications which do not yet have coverage in the
new WD ABAP based ESS are:

- Employee Search
- Who is who
- Enrollment and related applications (Enrollment, Open enrollment,
  Participation overview, Benefits participation)
- Skills Profile and Matchup
- Sample processes for "Life and work events"

From Globalization perspective following applications are not yet

- US Effort Reporting

- IN Leave Encashment
- IN Loans
- Salary Packaging ( IN, ZA, AU, NZ)

- IN PS Claim
- IN IT Declaration
- KR (Benefits Request details, Medical Expense ,Donation Expense,
  Expense Information, YEA)
- CA Additional Personal data
- CA Taxes
- GB Additional Personal data

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Many thanks for your suggestions Siddharth.

I will check with my functional colleagues which ESS features are required by the project

Please I would like to submit some other question.

I went through the link you indicated, specially to the "Prerequisites" topic.

It says it's needed a NW 70 Abap + Java (with EP installed) and an ERP 605 system with HCM installed.

The first question I need to clarify is should be the goal of this further  NW 70 Abap environment ?

The second question is once the EP is in place and the proper BP deloyed, the EP become the unique point of access for alll the ESS functionalities , including those written in Abap Webdympro ?

Or to use some ESS features the end users are supposed to logon to the ERP 605 and to use some other they have to logo to the EP ?

Best regards

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Many thanks Suresh.

I do know which features of ESS are required by the probject, I'm going to check with my colleagues if they want the Benefits Enrollment or the Record Working Time


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Product and Topic Expert
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all the future developments will be on ABAP WD only. so its better you move towards EHp5 with ABAP WD

Yes EPcan be one of the unique access point for all ess functionalities, all iviews will be available here or use NWBC if you dont want portal

no, you should use EP only for access for employees

also these services can be launched via se80

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many thanks siddharth

Please but which is the role of the NW 70 Abap required  by the sap documentation ?

The Java instance will provide the Portal, but the Abap instance what is supposed to do ?

Maybe some component of the ESS has to be installed over this NW Abap instance ?

I understood the some component of the ESS has to be installed/activated directly on the ERP 605, someone other on the Portal, but I'm not able to find out what is supposed to do the further NW Abap instace.


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Product and Topic Expert
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yes mainly you assign abap role in backend to the employee. ie done throu lpd_cust and read here and the note above will give you the role name etc

you just need BP etc

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