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Indicator: Unlimited Overdelivery Allowed UEBTK

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The buyer has marked the flag of unlimited Overdelivery Allowed. But:

- He order 15000kg.

- they receive 13370kg and 101 them.

- Another 3500kg more and 101 the witohout problem.

- But last 2500kg are received and they cannot receipt it.

Where not suspose to be unlimited the receptcion?


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I have been thinking about it. The reasen can be because it let you make receptions unlimited but only if the purchease order contain any selectable items.

I mean, you buy 10kg and you can receit 9, and in a second receptions 19 more. But if you recept 19 directly you cannot make any more receptions.

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Yes your interpretation of this is correct, you can recive unlimited delivery qty only upto the level of PO qty is not used off.

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