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Indent Creation

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Hi Gurus

What is indent ? how to create for material. pls give me full details of indent. when it is use ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Anna,

Hru. Emaindhanna ilanti questions sdn lo peduthunnavu. Indent ante teleeda Purchase Requisition anna.


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Indent means requirement. Indent is not only Purchase Requisition, Material Reservation can also be your indent.

Both the indent can be craeted Manually or Automatically.



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Indent is nothing but Purchase requisition , in manual process it is called as INDENT,

But in SAP , it is called as purchase requisition.

1.Purchase requisition is defined as , it is the request for to procure any materials need for all departments in any company.

2.Not only for purchase materials , it is eaed to do the services , sub-contracting job work..etc.



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Purchase Requisition

Definition: - A purchase requisition is a request or instruction to Purchasing to procure a certain quantity of a material or a service so that it is available at a certain point in time.

Structure: - A purchase requisition consists of a number of items, for each of which a procurement type is defined. The following procurement types exist:




Stock transfer

External service

An item of a requisition contains the quantity and delivery date of the material to be supplied or the quantity of the service to be performed.

For items to be supplied by subcontractors, you can specify the necessary input materials or components that are to be provided to the subcontractor for assembly or processing in respect of each delivery date stipulated.

An item of the procurement type External service contains a set of service specifications. The latter can be hierarchically structured. The summary view of such a hierarchical structure is referred to as an outline. The outline comprises a number of levels, each representing a level of the service hierarchy. The ordered quantity and date of performance are set out in service lines, representing individual jobs or activities. Value limits are specified instead of service lines for services or work that initially cannot be specified precisely.

If services covered by an already existing contract are requested, the requisition item can contain a value limit relating to the contract in question.

Costs can be apportioned among various Controlling objects via the account assignment.

A purchase requisition can be fulfilled through purchase orders or longer-term purchase agreements.

It is an internal document: it is not used outside the enterprise.


Purchase Requisitions

Purpose : - You use this component if you wish to give notification of requirements of materials and/or external services and keep track of such requirements.

Requisitions can be created either directly or indirectly.

Directly means that someone from the requesting department enters a purchase requisition manually. The person creating the requisition determines what and how much to order, and the delivery date.

Indirectly means that the purchase requisition is initiated via another SAP component.

The creation indicator in the requisition shows whether the requisition was created directly or indirectly. It is displayed in analyses of requisitions and in the statistical data of a requisition item (see Analyses of Purchase Requisitions).

Purchase requisitions can be subject to a release (clearance, or approval) procedure. For further information on this topic, refer to the section Release Procedure.

Integration: - Requisitions can be created indirectly in the following ways:

● Via materials planning and control

The component Consumption-Based Planning suggests materials that need to be ordered on the basis of past consumption or usage figures and existing stock levels. The order quantity and the delivery date are determined automatically.

For further information on this topic, please refer to the MM Consumption-Based Planning documentation.

Materials planning and control can stipulate that a purchase requisition is to be resubmitted to the purchasing department if it has not been processed after a predefined period of time.

● Via networks (from the component PS Project System)

Requisitions are generated automatically from networks if:

○ A material component with non-stock material or an external service component has been assigned to an operation and

○ The indicator allowing automatic generation of requisitions immediately the network is saved has been set in the network.

In this way, requisitions can be forwarded to Purchasing early in the planning phase.

If the indicator has not been set, the system passes the data on to materials planning and control when the network is released. The latter component then creates the requisition.

For more information, refer to the documentation PS Project system (section Material).

● Via maintenance orders (from the components PM Plant Maintenance and Service Management)

Requisitions are generated automatically from maintenance orders if:

○ A material component with non-stock material has been assigned to an operation, or

○ An operation with the control key for external services has been created.

For further information, refer to the section Planning of an Order in the PM Maintenance Orders documentation.

● Via production orders (from the component PP Production Planning and Control).

Requisitions are generated automatically from production orders if:

○ They contain an external processing operation (e.g. subcontracting work). A precondition is that the control key for the operation allows or prescribes external processing.

○ They contain non-stock components

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The indent you mentioning is the requirements from the various departments to the purchasing department.

You mean Purchase requisition, which is created using ME51N in MM.


Best regards,


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Hi Sridhar

This is mrp concept. Item qyt come down to reoorder level then immediately create the indent based on the fixed lot size.

my problem is some of the item not creating the indent. pls this is urgent .

Thanks in advance