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Indeed Job Postings - Salary Data

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Starting this year, Indeed and other job boards need salary estimate details to be in the job posting XML feed from employers because of legislative changes designed to bring transparency to job seekers. If this data is not present, Indeed for example, uses their own logic based on similar jobs in the location or employees self-reporting salary data to give an estimated salary to the job posting.

Can anyone tell me if the Job/Position object salary data can be configured to pull into Requisition fields for use in the XML feed to job boards like Indeed? Since it's already maintained in Position Management, I'm hoping this can be the alternative to manually populating in the requisition since there's already an abundance of data entry required for this object. The only other option is to have the salary information as part of JPB in a section like Compensation Overview and flag it accordingly for external/internal visibility.

What are other companies doing to ensure their salary estimates on job board postings are accurate?

Here's an article on the topic for reference:

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