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Incorrect Translation from Document Curreny to Local currency 2

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hi there,

The local currency is MYR and group currency as USD.

Document entered as MYR 4020 but the USD currency(LC2) translated to 3036.71 for the month of April. The amount get converted based on 1.32 rate (document type = KR).

in the OB08 the M rate maintained as MYR/USD =  4.07750 (Indirect quot) & USD/MYR = 4.07750 (Direct quot).

What is the cause of the incorrect translation rate?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Shan,

there could be different causes:

1. User manually entered exchange rate when posting.

2. in your printscreen I see that posting date is the same but exchange rate is different. so it is probably calculated not from posting date. Please check configuration of your Company code (transaction OB22) and check field Type of Translation Date for LC2. and then check OB08 for correct dates.

3. Exchange rate was changed between postings (check change log for OB08, if it is switched on).

4. Exotic one. Could be that you have configuration of Alternative exchange rate type for M MYR USD (check transaction OBBS, be aware it is time dependant).

I know more rootcauses.=)

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Shan,

If the procedures of Sergey doesn't work, Try to check the IMG configuration:


     Financial Accounting (New)

          Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)



                              Define Currencies of Leading Ledger

Source currency field and is correctly for your case:

1 - Translation taking transaction currency as a basis      

2 - Translation taking first local currency as a basis      

Type of the translation type:

1 - Document date    

2-  Posting date     

3-  Translation date

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I noticed the user has ticked "exchange rate from first line item" at the editing option from FV60.

I have requested to remove this. May I know what does this impact to the exchange rate calculation?

Best regards,