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Incorrect Ship to address in delivery.

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Hi all,

In our company data was migrated from old system(V-4.7) to new system(ECC 6.0), here few open sales order also migrated. when open sales order migrating to new system at that time Sold to -A and Ship to- B but when subsequent delivery takes place Sold to and Ship to are same i.e "A". Can you explain why it is happen and how guide me how to resolve the.issue.

Please let me know that when we have the Different ship to parties, we should maintian the Ship to parties in Sold to patries ?

i.e we should maintian in sold to master dataI( sales area view > partner tab)

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Hi ,

First of all Pl. Check Weather you have maintained Master Data for Ship to Address Party in your new System.

If you want for every SALES ORDER whose Sold TO Party is A there should be Ship to Party B. Then Goto Customer Master(XD02).Under Partner Function Tab Give Ship to Party B apposite to SE tab.

Well There is no need to maintain different ship to parties to Sold to patries :

If you want to change Ship to Address for whole sale Order (Without any change to Master Address of particular Sold to Party A). : GoTo Header Details -> then Goto Partners Tab-> There Double Click on Partner field corresponding to Ship to Party.There Give what ever address you want to send to.

By Doing this for that particular Sales Order Ship to Party Address will be Different.


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ok Thanks.

please clarfiy one more issue i am facing

In (old system) sales order has different sold to A and Ship to B they didnot change any Ship to address and also cheked in changes.....

but when they migrated open orders into new system..... in open order it has both ship to and sold to are same...

let me know why this happen because of migration issue or any else?

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Hi Shiva,

There is some possibility that in the sales order, the ship-to address might have been changed manually during the sales order creation in the old system. But, when you migrated, you might have put only the Sold-to & Ship-to codes. If you have put the old address compare the old system, during the migration, then It would have taken the address as per your input and not from the customer codes.

I hope, this clarifies.



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Actually in the old system for the sales order have different Sold to and Ship to .... and also cheked the changes in slaes order in the old system.

small clarification needed , please help me .... when we change the ship to in sales order in header level this will automatically change ship to in devlivery header level/ item level.