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InCorrect Excise Duty during selling Material from Depot (CIN Depot Proces)

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Hello All,

Our Customer wants a Process where he can Capture the Same Excise Duty

in Commercial Invoice as Paid to Vendor while Selling the Material from

Depot with Higher Price.

For Example : In the DEPOT only trading happens i.e., material

purchased at Rs.100/- and excise duties paid Rs.14, 2 and 1 but the

same will be sold to customer at Rs.200/- then in the commercial

invoice the condition records are calculating the excise duties as Rs.

28, 4 and 2 but where as only Rs.14, 2 and 1 needs to passed on to

customer. Can someone please advise on how to pass the correct excise duties.???

Is there any standard way / functionality available in standard SAP or we need customization???

Though we can achieve this through manual intervention, but it creates SOX violation..

Thanks for help,


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Hi Vevik,

I think there is no standard process for the requirement what you have mentioned, These values are to be flowed from the MM side if i am not wrong, because they will configure the excise duties in the purchase order. what we have to do is, we will develop a routine and attach it to the alternative calculation type in the pricing procedure, so the excise duties paid by business to the vendor will be directly copied into our sales order. Take the help of the ABAPer and explain him the requirement so that he can develop a routine.

I think this would solve your requirement