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Incorrect $ 2. Select document number between 5100000000 and 51999

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While doing MIRO Below we are facing number ranges error

Message no. F5151


The document number you specified, "&v1", is not in the appropriate

number range. The number range is dependent on the document type.

The exception to this rule is formed by recurring entry documents, which

must use number range 'X1' and sample documents, which must use number

range 'X2'.

Possible reasons for this error message are:

o You have entered an incorrect document number.

o An incorrect document number was transferred to this application

during an update from another application (e.g. CO).

System Response

The document cannot be processed any further.


o Enter a document number that is within the specified number


o If this error was caused by an update from another application

check the type of number assignment in that application (exter

internal?) as well as the document number transferred.


In the CO settlement profile, a document type with external number

assignment was entered, whereas an internal document number was


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check tcode OBA7 and number range info