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Incorrect Account Determination on Foreign Currency Valuation

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Dear SAP Expert,

Kindly your help about my issue:

My company code using parrarel curreny,

1. Company Code Currency (10) -- USD

2. Hard Currency (40) -- IDR

I already complete all customizing for Revaluation such as; OBA1 for gain loss realized and Valuation Gain loss and B/S adjustment.

My Question is, why system keeping give me an error incorrect account determination even i already maintained it.

and i check it closely to the error, and system say i must maintain translation gain and loss (LSTRA and LSTRV field in OBA1), i juts dont get the point why i need maintain that... because I only revaluation on Company code currency not in Hard Currency (2nd Local Currency)

the thing getting more tricky when i try it in quality system with the same setting and transaction the quality system not show the error message like in the production.

the exist transaction have USD, IDR, EUR, GBP currency.

Please your advise

Thanks and regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you verify and compare the settings available in Quality with production for the following in OBA1?

Payment difference for altern.currency - KDW

Payment diff.for altern.curr.(offset) - KDZ

Internal currencies rounding differences - RDF

Verify whether GL accounts might have maintained in Qv and not in Prd



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First check if the account that is getting revaluated as an open item managed account or not. If it is then you need to maintain the account in OBA1 Exchange Rate Dif.: Open Items/GL Acct. If it is not open item managed then you need to make sure it is using Exch. Rate Diff. using Exch. Rate Key. This is also in OBA1 and then you can maintain it directly in the master record. Then you need to be sure that the offsetting balance sheet account is created and the FX gain and loss accounts for that given company code.

This should work for you.

Let me know if it helps!



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear All, thanks for all your replies...

First of all, yes this is open item account. and i already maintain in OBA1 for open item account

I already maintained:

Realized Gain and Loss:

- Gain and Loss (already defined)


- Evaluation Gain and loss and Balance Sheet (already defined)


-N/A (not defined because we just only revaluation on company code currency not hard currency/group currency)

but i don't maintain translation gain and loss in OBA1 because we just only revaluation on company code currency...

the system show me error to maintain translation account gain and loss and balance sheet in PRD

but in the QA not show me anything and the system worked well, (with the same scenario and transaction in Production, of course i already checked the OBA1 between QA and Production)

The Question are:

1. Why I need maintain Translation Gain and loss even i just revaluation on company code currency?

2. I still wonder why i should maintain translation gain and loss in PRD but not need in QA even in the same transaction and setting

Acctually, if the error message tell to maintain Translation Gain and loss field... yes i will do it in PRD but i need the reason...

Thank and regards


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I am pretty sure that the account in question is a open item managed account. In such cases, you have to maintain the realized gain/loss on revaluation accounts in OBA1. When the open item is actually cleared e.g. Vendor payment, the system will try to post a realized gain/loss to these GL accounts.

The reason you are finding difference in behavior in QA and PRD may be due to the following:

1. Missing configuration btw the systems.

2. In QA you might not be having realized gain/loss, but it may be there in PRD thus the error.

Best regards,